TimberNook - Sensational Experiences

TimberNook provides nature-based, child-led play experiences that challenge the senses and inspire creativity, independence, and imagination in the great outdoors.

Featured Programs

Most programming designed for children these days is highly structured, leaving them with little time to think for themselves. TimberNook follows a different path. Our programs provide ample time for children to exercise their imagination, take risks, confront challenges, and experience free play-and they do it all in the great outdoors.

Little Wild Ones

Ages 4-7


Ages 5-9

Going Wild

Ages 7-11

Our Approach

TimberNook outdoor programs are carefully crafted to provide the ultimate sensory experience-challenging the mind, body, and the senses through meaningful play opportunities.

Therapeutic Benefits

TimberNook develops authentic outdoor play experiences based on their therapeutic value and ability to inspire child-directed learning; encouraging children to think and play in new and creative ways.

Backed by Research

We support our programs with evidence-based data that show significant improvements in children's emotional regulation, balance, strength, social interactions, play skills, and creativity.

Weekly Schedule


Little Wild Ones
(Ages 4-7)


(Ages 5-9)


Going Wild
(Ages 7-11)


Dates: Programming will run from
September 7, 2021 to June 17, 2022.

Calendar to be posted soon.

Time: 9AM - 1PM
Cost: Deposit 1 program 2 programs
1 child $250 $125/mo $250/mo
2 children $500 $250/mo $500/mo
3 children $700 $350/mo $700/mo

*** Discount of 20% for third child and after. ***

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 1910 Austin Avenue. We also go to different parts of Cameron Park as well. If we are able to fill up registration, we will be looking for some land to purchase or rent full-time.

Are you outdoors no matter the weather?

Yes! We are outdoors the entire class time and no matter the weather! We will send you a list of gear that your child should be equipped with for all weather prior to the first day of class. The only reason class would be cancelled is if there were a tornado or lightning.

Do I drop off my children?


You will drop off your children with us at 9am and pick up at 1pm.

Can my 3 year old attend?

At this time we only serve children ages 4 and up. They must turn 4 before September 1st.

Do you have makeup days if a class is missed due to inclement weather?

Yes! If there is a tornado or lightening that cancels class, the make up day(s) will be offered in June.

What does my child bring to class?

Your child should come with a healthy lunch, water bottle, and be appropriately dressed for the weather outside.

Can I stay with my child and observe from the side?

We ask that no adults other than our immediate staff to be onsite during class. What we have seen is that the presence of parents changes the dynamics of the experience for the children. When adults (including our staff) stand back from play schemes for an extended period of time children experience an unhurried opportunity to explore, to create, and to immerse themselves in deep and meaningful play. We will certainly let you know if your child is struggling or anxious, but hopefully they will feel at peace in our warm, safe, and fun environment!